We need to talk

2:21 PM

Oooooh, No matter how old you get those four words always bring up dread. My husband brought them up to me tonight on the phone while he was waiting for his plane to leave Madrid. I knew by the sound of his voice that it wasn't anything too terrible, but I also wasn't going to let him get away with hanging up with those being his last words.
     "What about?" I asked.
     "Like where we want to move to next. Maybe Paris?"
     I was silent.
     "What about Munich?" Principe continues.
     My heart sank a little. I have been praying that our next move would be the States. I admit it, I am a bit homesick. And as I know it wouldn't be permanent, I wouldn't mind going home for a few years. Not that God can't have a wonderful, beautiful plan for us in either Paris or Munich....but still.
     So as I have been badly crocheting my blanket (I have no idea how, but I have somehow gotten off stitch and yet it isn't crooked. Or at least, not yet.) I have been thinking about this. Paris or Munich. I initially said Munich because no one ever says anything nice about Paris. Really. Everyone says that it is dirty and expensive and the housing is not only expensive but bad quality and the people are rude, etc, etc. I am talking about FRENCH people saying this about Paris, not Americans. So initially Munich seems like the better choice. People have lovely things to say about Munich and it sounds like a nice place to go.
      But then me and the girls are just getting the hang of the language, do we really want to leave France and go one to German already? I am not sure. If only for the language and the schooling where Queenie could continue her education in French at least until she learns how to read I think would be a good thing. And staying in France would only benefit me in the whole language area......
      I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to really find out more.

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