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11:22 AM

I just finished the book The Help. I picked it up on sale at Target over Christmas and was determined to finish a couple other books before diving into it, but I had the urge last Thursday to read. In English. Once I started I couldn't put it down. Seriously. I read in one forum awhile back, before owning the book, that some people found it uninteresting. Something I can't quite believe. Every single character drew me in, the time drew me in, the place drew me in. Coming from a small Northern town and having lived in the center of several large cities I haven't really experienced segregation ever. And this whole theme I found painfully interesting. It is something we hear little about and it had my wheels turning in so many different directions. There were so many things that it made me think about so many things:
         * How mean people are
         * How easy it is to overlook people's pain when you have it good
         * How dirty my house must be
                                                        * How hard it is for things to really change
                                                        * How lazy I am about housework
                                                       * How little I really know about that era
            Honestly, I didn't want the book to end I have been imagining all day what went on after the book was already done with each character. I found it an extremely interesting book and now cannot wait to read the book that inspired her to write it Telling Memories Among Southern Women

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