Keep on trying

6:17 AM

My dear little girl, how much you try
It isn't really fair that we exchange eyes
Your father and I sometimes when you talk
just like last night when you said "why" alot

Not in asking a question, that wasn't it
it was part of your explanation of why you couldn't sit
Or at least we think it was as that was the question
but when the answer came we were less enlightened

Dear baby girl, sometimes you know just what to say
Like last night before bed when you knew you couldn't play
"Ahora, no, papa, no puedo jugar,
estoy en pelotas," you cried from afar. (Not right now, papa, I can't play. I am naked.")

But then in the afternoon as you repeated why and por qué
and other sounds that aren't quite words, at least not today\
your dad and I giggle and then seriously start to look
for the speech therapists number and hope he isn't over booked.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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