Indecent Proposal

2:52 PM

  The other night Principe had a departmental dinner. It was informal, but still a big deal as everyone was invited. Everyone from the CFO to the secretaries.
   Principe came home laughing and a bit embarrassed as he relayed to me what happened to him during the social time. He asked me if I remembered the story about the secretary at the Christmas dinner. Oh, yes. The one that jokingly asked if you would consider having an affair with her? Yes, I remember. I laughed. I trust my husband.
   Principe has mentioned this woman a few times before. She is in her forties and divorced and prone to getting drunk and spilling the beans on who she has slept with at the company. She is also quite beautiful in that French way.
    When she spoke to Principe at the Christmas dinner it was well underway and Principe assumed she had had too much to drink and was really just kidding. He claims to talk about us "all the time" (which, knowing him, I believe) and so he couldn't believe that she would say something like that to a man that seems (and is) in love with his wife and family.
     But apparently she wasn't really joking.
     The other day she approached him when he happened to be alone and asked him if he had thought it over. He said he was a bit dumbfounded and didn't know what to say. Suddenly another secretary showed up next to her and said, "And what about if there were two of us?"
     Principe's face was a bit pink as he told the story. He giggled a bit and ended with, "I guess I am not that bad looking!"
      I kissed him with a smile and said, "Your are a handsome man and it doesn't surprise me that they find you attractive."
      It doesn't surprise me that they find my Spanish Sun attractive but the situation as whole shocked my Midwestern bones a bit. Has this ever happened to anyone else or does this only happen in FRANCE?

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