I am alone

6:50 AM

      Principe is out of town two nights this week. Which really means that the girls won't see him until Friday. Tonight he is in Madrid. Tomorrow he comes home around 12am. Thursday he goes again to Madrid and comes home Friday around 7pm. Okay, so there is a breakfast time in there on Thursday, but other than it is all me this week. Not that he is really around much during the week, anyway. ...He would be mad if he saw that, because he thinks that coming home between 7:15 and 8pm is a normal time for papa to come home. I keep telling him it isn't......anyone else have an opinion....?
       Okay, so for the next few days I have to get up at every 2am peepee run or nightmare scream, I have to wake up, make breakfast, brush all teeth, get to school on time, pick little people up on time, make dinner, do baths, and get everyone in bed ALL BY MYSELF. Really, the only difference is in the morning. And there is an occasional evening that Principe comes home early and does bedtime. Like last night. But that was a bit different as I signed up for a two hour webcast from 7-9 and he sort of HAD to come home. But it was nice. By the time I came out of the dining room study everything was quiet. Got me thinking about maybe getting an evening job outside the house....
       I know this isn't a very big deal. I am not trying to make it a big deal. It is just that I seem so off lately. Queenie has gotten to school on time maybe four times this month. That may be a slight exaggeration, but the head mistress telling me I need to get it together tells you that it isn't far from the truth. And let's not even talk about what the girls have been eating for dinner! I just can't seem to get it together! We get home from school after four, sometimes after 5:30 (Mondays and Thursdays) and between keeping the peace as they are crabby from hunger and listening to Queenie's day and getting the RIGHT toy down for Firecracker I feel like I am in a whirlwind. And I haven't even planned what to make! Who does meal planning, because I need some help about that one! How do you THINK that far ahead? I need to do something, though.
       The other day I looked at Principe and said, "Hon, seriously, We are in our 30s (EARLY 30s, but still, 30s) and we still haven't gotten it together. Half the days we don't make our bed and the other half we don't pick up all the dinner table before we go to bed! What is with us? Queenie can't get to school on time, Firecracker eats too much candy and we have both stopped exercising and have gained weight!"
       I thought I would have it together at this age. I thought that my house would look spectacular. Stellar. Da bomb. Out of Country Homes or something. I thought I wouldn't even buy those twinkie things and give my kids candy at 7am just to keep them from throwing a fit. (Hey, she does go peepees and candy is a good reward for that right? Doesn't make up for the time of day....). I need to get it together! I need dinner ideas. Healthy ones that picky eaters eat. I need to make snap decisions. I need to stop watching The Real Housewives on the internet. I need a housekeeper......And I personal trainer.
       In other news I get my rights back to my first book this year. It has been trapped with Publish America for 7 year. Yes, they are a scam. But this year it is MINE again. I have already started editing. It needs some help, but not as much as I thought it would. Now to find an editor. I was thinking last night of putting it under YA, but the subject is too heavy for that. I am going to change it a bit to show that she is writing the journal from the beginning to allow for the immature, nineteen year old voice. Otherwise it would need to change too much from that, which would make it a different book. I am excited.
       And alone. But I guess the one good thing is being able to hunker down and get to editing that book. Chop, chop. The faster it is done the sooner I can work on the dreaded QUERY LETTER! Work....wait.....I kind of forgot what that was.....can I just be paid to be on the Real Housewives of Toulouse? I can pretend to be fabulous!

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