How do you say...GET OFF MY KID!

1:41 PM

        This weekend is Principe's weekend away. The annual birthday present I give him of a weekend to go away and ski. I do it because I love him and I know he loves to ski. It is one thing that isn't so easily done when you are in the beginning stages of making a family. So I tell him to go. My mother-in-law says that I am too nice to let him go off with friends for the weekend, that it is I who deserves it. I wave away the comments and change the subject. First of all, because I am not so sure she really believes what she is saying and second because I don't believe in what she is saying.
        I think we both deserve a weekend away.
        Anyway, us girls have been alone this weekend. It has gone well, yesterday I took them to a restaurant/indoor playground. They had a great time. They played for three hours while I had the chance to catch up with a friend.
        The girls were having so much fun. The place is really great because they can go from one side to the other without any chance of getting into the kitchen or getting out of the restaurant. The waiters are used to kids running around and such so while you are ultimately responsible for your own kids, you do not have to be on top of them like you normally would at other restaurants. My friend and I chatted while keeping an eye on the girls. B (my friend) doesn't have kids so she had a great time seeing just what these little ones are capable of in this kind of environment. After an hour of playing they had a table for us. We sat, but the girl got antsy and got back up. We ordered. The girls ran back and forth. Our food finally came and I had to track them both down. Queenie was on the third level and I saw Firecracker around back (as she can't yet get up to the second or third level yet). Queenie (now in a big sister stage) said not to worry that she would get her little sister. I could see a bit through the netting and "obstacles" where she was. And I could see the two 6 year olds too. They were a little too close to her, but Firecracker can usually hold her own. She made her way through them, ignoring everything about them, but once she was a few steps away the blonde ran past her, either knocking her down or outright pushing her. I couldn't tell. Firecracker stayed on the ground for a bit, but after a few seconds she got up. She wasn't crying.
          A few seconds later Queenie had caught up to her and came to get her hand. I stood up from my stooped position, ready to wait for them to come until I suddenly heard, "Mommmy! Come!"
         I looked through the park area to find Queenie standing over her sister who was on the ground, face down and the blonde 6 year old sitting above her, swinging her legs over Firecracker. I can't say that she was kicking her but her feet were brushing across her little body each time they swung, which must have made her feel like she couldn't get up safely. I have no idea what this little girl's problem was, but I was pissed. I crawled through the park, grabbed up Firecracker, looked the blonde in the eyes and told her, "Eh! She is LITTLE!" Then I went back to our table with my girls.
          I was shaking when I got back, I was so angry. This is what I hate most about not speaking French well. Had I been able to speak to the girl in English or Spanish I would have given her a piece of my mind and then I would have asked where her mother was and given her a piece of my mind. Instead all I could say was, "SHE IS LITTLE." Pretty lame as far as words go, but the tone and my look straight into her eyes got the message across. Luckily Firecracker wasn't really hurt and she wasn't even scared enough not to forget about it two seconds later. So then, maybe it is better that I didn't do anything more?

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