Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas Tree!*

1:15 AM

*I can't seem to get Queenie to drop the "tree" at the end!

             Isn't it funny how quickly people lose the Christmas spirit? Or perhaps these people just never had it in the first place? Bottom line, the older I get the less I tolerate rude people. I am not going to be a typical foreigner living in another country and say that "French people are so rude". Let's face it, there are rude people every where, in every country. And despite my little hiccup yesterday with an impatient, rude postal service lady, the top rudest person I have encountered in Toulouse was an American. At the American consulate.
           In the end the lady was right, and I, exasperated already from her rudely pointing out that I was doing something wrong and her loud sighing while I asked how it was that I should do it, and her loud sighing when I asked her to repeat as I hadn't quite understood the instructions, ended the encounter with, "Yes, you're right, Yes, YES, I get it. You ARE RIGHT." I didn't yell as perhaps the capital letters imply but I did bite each word off at the end sharply. She was right. I did need Principe's ID, the problem though was that I didn't know and am obviously foreign, and hey, you could even say perhaps stupid, but give a foreign, stupid mother with a crying baby who has snot coming out of her eyes a little bit of calm!
         Perhaps I wasn't patient enough in my post-flu state while dealing with a flu-infected child? Maybe, but I don't really think so as I dealt with the first few sighs and such with dignity. I left in dignity, too, but I was still peeved. I just hate it when people are rude and impatient. Just because your job seems simple doesn't mean that all of us know what we are doing. And even if we should know we all have hiccups in the day that perhaps leave us a bit....slow. Who knows?

          Why can't we all be a bit more patient? Also, why is it that a 20 month and 29 day old baby girl can't leave the Christmas tree alone?

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