The first meal of the day

12:05 AM

Clang. Clang. Stumble. Stupid laundry basket on the floor. That is what you get when you have to place your dryer in the kitchen. Err. Clothes are still wet. Whiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
      What should we have......cereal no. No one likes that kind. Toast? Or pancakes? Firecracker eats pancakes better......and.......coffeeeeeeeeeeeee.
      "Come eat! Sit down! No coloring at the breakfast table. Firecracker don't drop your bottle on the floor. Yes! The blue plate is yours, Queenie! No, Firecracker, she got the blue plate, you get your pretty bunny plate. Yes! I am coming! I can only cut one pancake at a time! Really? You need more butter on there? Fine, you do it. And there is the syrup. Just a second, I will run it under hot water and then you can open it. Principe! Come on, you are going to be late and I still need to do my hair!
       Hey! Firecracker! We do not spit our food out! You need juice? You, too? Or water? Water? Okay, juice, water and juice. Just a minute, let me get a cup of coffee. Queenie! Eat! It is already 8:10! Yes, both you and sister have school today. Good morning, papa! Come on, Queenie! Firecracker is beating you! Wait, half of hers in on the floor. Okay, get down. Eat or get down. Get down? Fine. Principe I am going to do my hair, you are left with Queenie. Eat!"
      Wait......ummm, coffee......did I eat?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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