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       As it is a woman's obligation to have on her News Year's Resolution list (somewhere, even if in the back of your mind. That still counts.) "get back in shape", and I am no different, I decided that today was the day to start. Ordinarily I am that crazy woman who LIKES to work out. I love the burn. I love to stretch and be all sweaty and hold my head high about how many calories I burned that day.
      But in the new year that I am 30 I seem to have changed. I have started out my new year of my new decade in a total workout slump. It doesn't help that my fave site disappeared. It also doesn't help that in the year and a half that I used the website I was too cheap to download my favorite videos to my computer. I saved myself a whopping 20 bucks and a now out of videos. I have a few old pilates videos and and one each of a stretching, step and butt burn video. They are nothing special, but nothing special is a start, right?
        So, with both girls in school during the morning hours I gave the butt burning video a shot. A good place to start, I thought. As far as I could remember it wasn't a very hard video and only half an hour. Perfect.
       Seriously, you should have seen me. All I could think of as I followed the warm-up routine was, "thank God I am in my own home and not with a bunch of other people!" I kept messing up the freaking grapevine for crying out loud! Who messes up the grapevine? Probably not a former dancer. And to make it worse I was off a count for the entire time. Whew, but ten minutes later it was over. I took a little break and opened the windows to let in some 34 degree air. I was sweating like a pig! On to the weights and squats. OMG! What happened to my muscles? Where are they? Why are my thighs shaking? And why didn't I remember how many repetitions she made us do? Ten minutes later I took another break. My mouth was as parched as the desert and I could feel my heart beating funny. Six months out of the workout routine and this is what happens? Or is it just turning 30?
        You should all be proud of me. I should get a parade. I finished the stupid video. And then I stretched and did my PT exercises. As I I walked out of the shower I felt my thighs give away. But......I hate to admit it, I feel. better. Just knowing I did it makes me feel better. I am 10 days late into the new year, but I am off to a start. Tomorrow I think it will be pilates. Something without weights while I wait for the day that my ass doesn't wobble as I walk down the stairs.

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