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          I know, I know, I have been MIA for a long time. Most likely this only affects my dear friend in Cali who keeps up with me via the internet, so, dear friend, this is for you! I am back! I was in Kansas City for two weeks without internet. But I was not only without internet, I also spent two days in the emergency room, once with each child. Firecracker started the process by not being quite all well for a few days, not eating and vomiting a few times. Then one day she started having diarrhea. So we tried to watch her liquids and let her sleep as much as she wanted. But Friday she woke up and didn't move. She whimpered but never moved. So we went in to find out that she was severely dehydrated. YIKES! So we spent 7 hours waiting for her to wake up from her lethargy and start peeing. Two days later Queenie had the same stomach flu but worse. I didn't wait this time for her to get dehydrated but went in right away for some Zofran when she couldn't stop vomiting and sleep. This time we only spent four hours in the emergency room, but she needed to be nursed for another four days as it hit her harder than it hit her sister.
            In between nursing my kids I spent some time with my family during the Thanksgiving weekend, and then the rest of the time with my grandparents all the while trying to run around and do my shopping as our plan to shop all day on Black Friday was interrupted by spending all day in the ER!
            Coming home we ended up spending 12 hours in the Madrid airport as they overbooked our flight and we were part of the group that got kicked off and didn't end up getting home until after midnight. Monday we woke up at noon and ever since we have been dealing with jetlag. While Queenie has ended up going to school yesterday and today the extreme fatigue due to jet lag has brought on some whooper temper tantrums. The good thing is that she was SO GOOD during our stay in the airport. At least I didn't have to deal with a temper tantrum there!
           At any rate, my posts will most likely be sporadic these next few days as my mother is with us now and soon we are going to Spain, where I rarely find time to blog. But I will try my best as I have so many thoughts that I need to share with my friends!

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