I, respectfully, disagree

5:49 AM

You and your inlaws will most likely disagree more often than agree. It is all about how you transmit that disagreement, right?
Maybe not, what do I know? But it sounds wise and mature to say the above statement and it will probably be something I say to my little girls once they are big girls and are getting married.
Let me go back to the beginning. We were away for a wedding this last weekend. The abuelos were here to keep the peace between the girls and, well, to clean, feed, and put them to bed. They arrived a week before to have a visit and to make things a bit more easier than: "Hello Yayo, Hello Yaya, good-bye Papa and Mama...." This was the first weekend that we have been away from both. The last time was when Firecracker was being born. They behaved well, with very little upsets, but of course the minute we got home Queenie had some defying to get out of her system.
Wow. The throwing of the bath crayons? That was a little much. We tried to keep our cool. I was very patient as I no longer had any hangover. Principe stayed away as he was still suffering a bit (at 7pm. It was a FUN wedding!)
And so started the comments. I do much better with comments now than I used to, but my inlaws and I are really very different. Example: My MIL asked Principe why I was mad. He said I wasn't and asked why she thought I was. She made the comment that I wasn't talking very much. To which he replied, she just doesn't talk as much as us, haven't you noticed? Just because some talks less than the rest of us doesn't mean that they are upset.
Hello! Yep, on the button. I was tired and had nothing to say. Because when the comments start in like: "she didn't do that with me" or "I think Queenie has a speech problem" or "Firecracker is sooooo good when I change her" or "Don't carry Queenie, you need to treat her like she is a big girl" I choose to shut up rather than shut them down. Because I have done the roaring, hormonal DIL before and it didn't help things much.
So, what do you do when the comments start? I love my Inlaws, actually, and really look forward to them visiting. I love seeing the joy int heir faces when they are with our kids and I love hearing (because there is so much love in their voices) about what my kids did while they were alone with them (usually something SO GREAT THAT NO OTHER KID DOES FOR SURE! gotta love the pride of an abuelo!) I like listening to some of their advice, I just don't like really that they don't listen to our side or opinion on the subject. So instead of frustrating myself by talking and not being heard I just don't really talk much. What about you?

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