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Count down is over. I am officially 30. And my mother remembered this year! Last week I told you 22 things that I have never done. So to celebrate having lived 3 decades I am going to telly ou 30 things that I have done!
In the last 30 years (not in any special order) I have:
1. Broken my arm. I was in kindergarten and for almost a year I could write with both hands. Now I cannot.

2. Eaten a picnic of cheap champaigne and cheese under the Eiffel tower.

3. Learned to drive a stick shift

4. Studied at 4 different universities.

5. Learned to speak another language fluently and am onto my third.

6. Seen Weezer in concert 10 times. It was a care-free time of my life.

7. Ridden a pony while wearing a tutu. (I was 7 and it was for the town's 4th of July parade. I thought I was the SH*T!)

8. Learned that forgiving is so much better than holding on to the bitterness and anger.

9. Doubted myself to the point of dispair.

10. Learned to love myself for who I am and who I will be.

11. Published a book. Yep. I know, I am the SH*T. ;)

12. Gotten inked twice. A kitty cat on my hip as that was my nickname in high school and somehow also in college (with two totally separate sets of friends!) and the word "knowledge" in hebrew on my wrist.

13. Pierced my belly button and my tongue. Then I stopped.

14. Won second place in piano music composition competition.

15. Moved acros the Atlantic for love.

16. Given birth in two different countries that are not my own.

17. Tried muhrooms, E, coke and acid. Not something I am proud of or recommend. I was hurting and ti didn't help one bit. Not ONE iota.

18. Survived years of abuse to come out on top. Thanks to Jesus and my husband.

19. Competed in a fashion design competition.

20. Studied in Ireland.

21. Snorkeled in Thailand.

22. Learned to sew

23. Yelled at my FIL in front of the rest of the family. Again, not a proud moment. I blame it on the post-natal hormones.

24. Kept the same best friends since 9th grade.

25. Traveled to Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Ireland (Northern and Republic), Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Thailand and Spain.

26. Watched my nephew die.

27. Re-met my father when I was 21 after being kept apart frim him since I was 3.

28. Learned no one else can make you happy. You gotta learn how to make that happen yourself.

29. Been photographed in lingerie (we were obsessed with photographing each other in high school and I have this really beautiful black slip.....)

30. Sung karaoke.

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