What do I collect?

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I am a branch in a very big tree of COLLECTORS. My grandmother is the worst of all of us, to the point that she has collected National Geographics for years and while they are a bit cool to look at they are so out dated that there is really no point in having them. But she can't throw them out. Her house is full of stuff. Really cool stuff, but it isn't dirty or unorganized or unhealthy looking. To me it is a wonderful place full of treasures. And the best part of all is that my grandmother knows that her treasures (most of them) are worth something as she understands antiques and all things old and well made. She know the difference between different types of wood, whether something is real silver or not, whether this glass here is crystal or just glass, how to tell the difference between real pearls and fake, etc. She is a landmind of knowledge. I only wish I had retained some of the information that she tried to teach me as we spent our days browsing through estate sales.

It is my grandmother who gave me a taste for old, for quality, for beauty. The one thing that I really missed in Spain was that they had never heard of estate sales or garage sales. But France has them. Vide greniers they are called. And they are pretty awesome.

Once married I think one has to be careful about collecting so much. For one thing you must find a way to merge two different people's taste in stuff. I like old. Principe likes new. Hmmmmm. I like lots of stuff around, Principe is a minimalist. So I haven't been collecting so much. But then, I don't really need to collect more. What I need to do is bring my collects from the States to my house in Toulouse. What would those be?

A full set of sterling silver flatware including fih knives, butter knives, different forks, different spoons. Alo sterling silver serving spoons and forks.
A full set of etched glass dessert plates.
A full set of porcelain dinner and salad plates.
10 crystal wine glasses.
12 red glass water glasses.
12 pink depression glass water glasses.
A full set of Fiesta ware dinner ware (for the fun parties)
Different vases from different eras.
My travels collections such as postcards, a mango tree flower vase from Thailand, fans from Spain, different souvenirs from Mexico, shells from Hawaii, etc.
I have no idea how many old  movie posters and framed pictures of old Hollywood stars I have back home. My old room used to be full of them.....

But most of all I have pictures. My love for pictures started in High School when I joined photography with my best friend. Our sleepovers turned into photo sessions. We had some great photos of each other. I have a huge frame of my first time in Granada. I have a full album of my year in Ireland. I have a full album of my first time in Paris. I have multiple framed pictures of family going back a few generations, I have framed "art" (or what I considered art ten years ago), and I have boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of photos.

Here in Toulouse I have continued with my collection of photos with one full wall dedicated to family and friends, but still it isn't enough. Throughout the house you will always find photos of us stuck here and there. I love to be remined of where we have been, how we were, etc. Perhaps this is due to never getting to see a picture of my dad? Let's not go into psycology right now.....

So that is me. That is what I collect. Should I also admit that I have a collection of stuffed bears given to me by Principe for every significant anniversary, birthday or place we visited for the first five years we were together? That might make us look a little freaky.......

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