Things to do: Rock Queenie more

11:44 AM

  Sometimes I think that I don't treat Queenie enough like a little girl. Sometimes I think that I am so bent on telling her she is a big girl, that she can do it because she is a big girl, that I forget that she isn't actually such a big girl.
   I know that encouraging your child to be big, to do new things such as get dresses, bathe themselves, clean up, do chores, etc is good but I am one that tends to continue in the same direction once I am pointed there. In other word, I say to her that she is a big girl so many times throughout the day that I tend to believe it. But she isn't and while my words need to continue as they are, my actions need to change a bit.
     Tonight she asked me to rock her. I couldn't at first because I am alone tonight and Firecracker needed to be put to bed first. The rocking chair is right in front of the crib, so rocking Queenie while having Firecracker stare at us and talk, wasn't going to fit into our bedtime routine. Instead Queenie leaned on my legs while I rocker Firecracker and once Firecracker was in the crib Queenie and I snuck over to her bed where I held her and rocked her back and forth.
   And during those quiet, beautiful moments it hit me: she had to ask me. She had to ask me to rock her. When was the last time that I took the time to rock Queenie? At least a few months ago. At least. If there are times, at almost thirty years old that I long to be little again and be rocked by my dad or mom, why is it that I can't remember that my oldest girl really is little and needs to be rocked from time to time by her mom. She needs more caresses and hugs and kisses than I give her. She needs it. And I need to remember it.
    So, at the top of my list, at the top of my bedtime routine is: Rock Queenie more

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