Slow dance with boys

12:46 AM

Today for Mama Kat's writing prompt I chose to write to you about my first slow dance. An exciting moment for a young girl, right.....?

   All during my pre-teens and early teen years I dreamed about my first slow dance with that special boy. I watched movies enviously as the girl always got the cute boy and later had a beautiful moment as they slow danced together, realizing that they "liked" each other more than friends. (Ha, it is so funny the thoughts of love and like before you really know what love is...! Digressing....)
   There was one very BIG problem with my dream: my Christian school didn't believe in kids dancing together as it was prone to leading them to sex.
   Roll eyes here. Hello! I am pretty sure teenagers don't need to slow dance to want to have sex with each other! Oh, well.
   As the "rebel" against the system I set to work to host a prom for my high school. A real prom, not the stupid bowling crap that the school wanted to do. It was a bit of a mess with the administration as they got mad at me, but since it was a "private party" they couldn't actually do anything except ruin my reputation and claim that I had a rebel spirit, etc. But lets get to the dance part.
   The other problem with my dream is that I went stag to my own prom that I HOSTED. My junior class was made up of 27 students. There weren't a lot of boys to choose from. I broke up with my first and only high school boyfriend a year earlier who went to the prom with one of my best friends. Which was fine with me, but it sucked that I wasn't interested in A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y.
    My first slow dance was with a boy named Ryan who had braces and who, as a teenage boy, was attracted to every girl on earth. And I was wearing a silver mini dress. Oops.
    He placed his arms around my waist. I placed my hands on his shoulders. He tried to pull me closer but I was afraid of what seemed like a slight bump in his pants, so I kept my distance. The entire dance was spent with awkward conversation and awkward silence. I looked around, avoiding eye contact and when the music changed I quickly dropped my hands.
   Real life just isn't like the movies....

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