Learning to speak in three languages

1:04 AM

Firecracker is starting to talk. In three languages. If you don't know or don't remember Queenie has some speech dificulties and was (and is, still) speech delayed. Firecracker, on the other hand, is normal in that area (perhaps not so normal in others, but who wants a normal child who never runs onto the balcony naked whilst you are naked and unable to grab her? Who?)
  Firecracker is repeating quite a few things and while she gets a few correct, she also gets some wrong. For example, yesterday I listened while Queenie tried to teach her sister how to say "shoe":
     "Say shoooooooe," says Queenie, emphasizing the vowel to the point of distraction.
     "Lo," says Firecracker.
     "No. No. Shoe. Like this: shoooooooe."
     "Lo," says Firecracker again, giggling as she smashes the tiny Mickey Mouse figurine into her belly.
     "L'eau, no, that's water. Say, SHOE!"
{(eau=water in French, at times it is place with the article the (le) pronounced as l'eau (lo))}

     I had a quick giggle and a deep sigh. It is amazing to see these little mind work a they learn three languages!

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