I miss my car

1:18 PM

Seriously. I miss it. Never thought I would say that. When I first met Principe I went on and on about how great it was that in Europe a car wasn't needed. I must have said it a lot because he still reminds me that I apparently prefer not to have a car.
 Of course I am sure that all the walking I do helps keep me in shape. It helps keep all of us here in shape a little bit. I can't deny that pushing a double stroller with over 50 pounds of weight in it through tiny streets and around people who "don't see you" keeps my shoulders and arms buff. Okay, I am not about to win Mr. America, but every little bit helps, right?
 But I seriously miss it. Especially on days like today when I feel like I have a TON of stuff to do and very little time in which to do it. And then I have to get them lunch. And there is no drive through obviously in the middle of the city. Not that I have the arms or hands to get it, carry it, dole it out, etc. And the girls are hungry. And of course I have nothing to give them except bananas that I just bought from the market but neither one of them wants to hold it and I obviously can't hold it and get them home....not that I could I guess while driving a car.......
  Maybe I just miss my car and the luxury of going to Target for anything and everything. Or being able to get out of the center in order to browse through stores that are more affordable. Maybe I miss the States and it's way of life. But then, I certainly spend less money here than I would in the States. And I think I spend enough of it here.
 At any rate, with Firecracker's problem of vomiting every time she gets into the car maybe I would be wishing for my double stroller and a quick 1.5 kilometers to the market if I were in the States. Who knows? Who can know the mind of a mother who got very little sleep last night and spent 3 hours pushing a 50 pound stroller around town?

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