France and the natural

1:17 AM

    In my almost two years of living in France a few things that I have noticed is that the French like everything a bit more "natural". That is to say that they like antiques, they like organic food, they like animals and knowing where their food comes from and they like thing made in France (or rather knowing that the product or food is local.) I agree with many of their preferences, although I certainly like some foods that grow in the tropical areas of the world, France not being very tropical, and so don't have a problem with importing some foods.
   Except for Paris most of the cities in France are rather "small". The core of Toulouse is about 400,000, when you count the connecting uburbs I think it grows to about 800,000, but I am not sure how the student population contributes to those numbers as we have a very large university community here also. The center of Toulouse is really like any other city. We have parks and trees and flowers, but lots more pavement and bricks than the suburbs. Isn't that true with all cities? But the best part of France is that any chance they get to bring in animals from the surrounding farms they use. Last week they had a small Fall Fair. There were fruit stands with pumpkins and apples and side stands with hens, bunnies, goats, etc. There were organic stands, flower stands, garden stands,etc. It seems to me that they want to make sure that city kids (and adults) don't forget where everything comes from and I for one am all for it. I would hate for my girls to never see a real chicken jut because we live in the city. Here are some photos of our girls finding out what animals in real life are like, but watch out, the hens bite (as Queenie soon learned!...wish I had caught that on camera but I was busy reading how to turn bunny hair into gloves....)

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