Fairy Tales

4:28 AM

Queenie has a cousin in the US who is exaclty 3 weeks older than Queenie. It is interesting for my sister and I to have kid the exact same age in order to compare phases and to encourage each other during the hard phases. We aren't exactly sure when or why it happend, but both girls started their princess infatuation around the same time. It was before ever watching a Disney princess movie for either one of them, that much we know. My sister doesn't own a tv and I didn't own any Disney movies until now. We are both very particuliar about what our kids watch, although she is much more so than I am. (She refuses to allow Little L to watch Mickey Mouse and isntead strives to how her animal documentaries. Don't worry, Little L watches plenty of movies with her cousins!).
    What with there being princess every where now and Queenie living next to an old Duke dwelling, it wasn't too surprising that she fell in love with princesses and fairy tales. Little L, too.
   But my sister and I were talking the other day about how much is really good for them. I agree with my mother who says that every little girl should believe she is a princess. That is fine. Being a princess conjures up feelings of importance, being special, being pretty, being worth, etc, something I think every little girl should feel. Self-confidence isn't all about physical apperance, but let's face it, in this world, physical apperance plays a BIG role in our girls's lives.  The fairy tales, though, seem to tell something different. Like, why did Cinderella have to run away once her dress was turned into rags again? Shouldn't the prince love her for who she is? Would the prince had noticed her if she had gone in her pink, original dress that the sisters ruined? Or was it really all about the dress?
   How much does this all effects our kids? I know some would say it doesn't effect them at all, but I don't think that is true. I knew the difference between a movie and real life, and yet as I grew up from a teenager and went into my twenties I know that in the very dark corners of my mind I was a bit dissapointed that life was much slower and certainly didn't always pan out like a movies. I think that the more we watch tv or movies the more we take in and "learn" from them. So what do we learn from the fairy tales? That we aren't pretty until we have the perfect dress?
   Not that I will make Queenie stop watching the fairy tale movies. I think they are better than some of the other cartoons out there, but what do you think? Do you allow your kids to watch anything? Do you think what they watch effects thems?

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