Doudou, Dodo, Deedee

1:23 PM

The last thing I looked for was Deedee the Blue Elephant. He is Queenie's doudou. That is a French word for "the beloved stuffed animal/blanket/rag that your child CANNOT live, much less SLEEP, without. Freakin' Deedee. I look for him several times a day. I know his hiding places well and yet sometimes he still aludes me. I wonder too when my almost 4 year old is going to let go of what is quickly starting to look like a blue dusting rag. I wonder, but I don't push it. I think she has enough going on what with 3 languages going on in her head. So until she speaks all of those clearly and without embarassment, I will continue to look for Deedee the doudou. Errr.

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