Did I ever tell you...

8:57 AM

about our experience with Queenie not wanting to take her photos for school? I am pretty sure that I did, but today I am going to post a little scrapbooking page that I made to commemorate that occasion. I had those pictures and I was wondering what to do with them until I saw the challenge over at Once Upon a Sketch. The challenge is to scrap a moment that was embarrassing. Believe me, having Queenie scream as though we were beating her in the middle of the mall was probably the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me in awhile. Even Principe was embarrassed and he doesn't embarrass easily. So...here it is. I know I don't usually put up my scrapbooking stuff, but I thought this would be a good way to present you all things terrible photos!

The journaling reads:
You needed a picture for school, but even before we got to the photo booth you have decided you weren't going to cooperate. Unfortunately instead of leaving we tried to convince you to stop crying and take the picture. I placed the money in the machine hoping you would STOP CRYING !....but you didn't. 
  The camera flashed. People stared and pointed. Your dad and I could not be more mortified...until security came to see if we needed an ambulance
   It was NOT a moment to remember!

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