Count down to 30

12:35 AM

I am turning 30 next Monday. 30. Sounds like an exciting number. In an effort to allow you to get to know me better I chose Mama Kat's prompt #1 and am going to share 22 things that I have never done in my first 30 years of life. If anything changes by Monday I´ll let you know (you're on pins and needles, I know).

1. I have never had major surgury. Not unless getting your wisdom teeth counts. Which it shouldn't.

2. I have never been to Portland, Oregon.

3. I have never been slapped in the face.

4. I have never given blood. (I know, I know, but what with all the tatoos, traveling, pregnancies and breast feeding they don't seem to want me! I swear I will do it in the coming decade!)

5.I have never been known for my organizational skills. (But my cleaning may outshine fact, to some it is called "obession").

6. I have never shot an arrow.

7. I have never driven a motocycle.

8. I have never been to the dermotologist.

9. I have never voted democrat. (But if Romney gets it I just might consider trying something new....! )

10. I have never beent o Africa, South America or Australia. But I will, don't you worry!

11. I have never eaten pig ears. (Don't choke now, but they eat them all the time in Spain!)

12. I have never been surfing.

13. I have never entered a pie eating contest, although I did win bobbing for apples once...

14. I have never slept with anyone other than my husband (5 years married, 10 years together. Sheesh, that is a long time!)

15. I have never dressed up like Santa Claus.

16. I have never been on a missions trip.

17. I have never sucked on a lollilop til the end. I am a biter.

18. I have never been on a talk show.

19. I have never worn over the knee boots.(You'd be surprised how many women I see wearing them who are not prostitutes....)

20. I have never given birth to a little boy.

21. I have never seen Annie.

22. I have never taken a picture of the Fjords.

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