Being sick

4:10 AM

Being sick sucks. Well, you know that. I would rather be sick than watch my kids be sick, that is certain, but it still sucks.
   I have been sick since Friday. Vomitting, the turn arounds, pain in general all over my abdomen and intestines. Of course Principe was gone all weekend long. And of course it was the weekend of the annual craft fair here in Toulouse. I was supposed to go with a friend who also scrapbooks here. We were going to have three hours free of children. Instead I got three hours of juggling my children and sitting on the pot. Nice.
   The problem with this wierdness that I have is that by the evening I would start to feel a bit better each day, certain that it was finally gone, only to be back in the bathroom in the morning (or wee hours of, depending on the day). So, I finally went to the doctor. She thinks I have a microbe. Is that spelled correctly? Anyway, I have to kill the thing with some medicine and get to each rice or plain pasta for the next few days. And applesause. Honestly I have no appetite. I just ate soup with Firecracker and could barely make my way through it. But I have to eat something. Yesterday I started to feel faint while biking Firecracker home from school. Not good.
   Again, being sick sucks. But apparently this thing should be dead within the next 24 hours. Sure hope so, my body is tired of this.

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