Three is a lot for a three year old head

2:15 PM

Mommy says Hello, Good-bye
Papa dice Hola y Adiós
For me Uno is One 
But Two is always Dos

Purple is Morado,
is that how it is said?
Some days it's so dificil  
to separate in my head.

Are you kidding me?
That one I know
And I say it often 
just for show.

In papa´s language I can say
Madre mía and No seas tonto
Feliz cumpleaños
vas a cumplir cuantos?

Silla-chair, cama-bed
tres-three and cuatro-four
They separate in my head 
then I rest it on the floor

Wait, has oido?
Did you hear?
Mom can´t be serious
we are moving from here?

To where? Dónde?
En serio? To France?
Just one more language
Au revoir, bon chance!

Bonjour Madame, 
Ca va? How are you?
School in French now
Everything is all so new.

Viens! Come here! Ven aquí!
Oops, uh-oh, now it´s too late!
No he sido mala, really I wasn´t
Just couldn´t get it straight.

I hear often that I´m lucky,
qué buena oportunidad!
But you cannot see 
the whirlwhind in my head.
Un día será todo bien
And I´ll speak all 3 fine
but until then I still struggle 
enough to make a grown man cry.

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