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This past weekend Principe and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary of our first wedding. WHAT? you say? We got married twice, just three weeks between them. This is a picture of us at our wedding in the States. That was a fun wedding. But it was nothing compared to the wedding in Spain. Those are on film, so I can't really share the pictures. If I could you would undersatnd a whole new level of the meaning FUN. I'm serious. Just ask my friend over at type1tot. She was there. She will tell you. The wedding in the States was fun too.
See? Laughter. Anyway.....good memories. Principe made this anniversary pretty memorable himself. He gave me an iPhone! EEEK! I got him nothing. NO-THING. That was the deal. And then he goes and gets me an iPhone! I could hardly feel bad with the huge smile on my face. Good thing the sim card wasn't in it yet otherwise dinner would have been a disaster! But it wasn't. And dinner was good. And now I have to get back to downloading apps. The next post will be done with my iPhone! Seriously, I haven't stopped smiling since Friday. I take back any bad thing I have ever said about my husband. He is the awesomest!

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