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This weekend we bought a new dishwasher. It stopped working properly on Thursday and after resetting and setting and resetting eight times I determined that it was broken. On Saturday Principe found the booklet that said "If the rinse and drying light are both flashing then there is a problem with the heat sensor." In the area where the solution was supposed to be there was only white space. After calling around to a few fix-it people and stores we found out that once the heat sensor is done, it is all over. Time for a new dishwasher.
Bummer. 1/3 of our rent paid out on a dishwasher later we find out that the model we want won't be ordered until Tuesday and won't be delivered until Friday. That means doing the dishes the old-fashioned way: by hand! Erg.
The while weekend went by and not once did Principe do the dishes. I didn't get mad, but I did find it curious. When Queenie had a melt down at the supermarket because she didn't want to get her photo taken in the photo booth (we were dumb enough to give it a try two hours into resting time that she didn't get. Besides, why does the school need a 5Euro photo?) Principe went on and on about her being spoiled.
And a lighting bulb went off in my head. Spoiled. Spoiled! That was it! No, not Queenie. Even Principe had to admit that she isn't TOO spoiled. The light bulb was for my husband. HE IS SPOILED.
By me, of course. Totally my fault too, I'll recognize that, but none the less, SPOILED. What are his chores in the house? Nothing. On weekends he does a good pick up, but I tell him that that doesn't really count as I spend 1/3 of every day picking up. As for cleaning? He does nothing. Sometimes he cooks and then he cleans up after himself in the kitchen (at least I trained him well on that one) but he doesn't clean any toilets, showers, does not vacuum, does no laundry (unless I dump it on him and ask him to help fold), he never starts the dishwasher running, he never mops, etc.
This has happened because I don't work outside the home. And for the last almost two years I haven't worked in the home except for being a mom and home keeper. But now that I will have some free time with school starting my goal is to go "back to work" writing and doing translations at home. So the time I have to clean will be reduced. And I have little faith that my hubby who works 10 hours a day is going to pick up the slack.
So, what about your situation? Who is spoiled, you or your husband? Or neither? I know one couple where the woman stays home with the kids, the hubby works outside and yet he cooks dinner every night and cleans up the kitchen. But she is really spoiled. Won't be saying names, either!

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