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Mama’s Losin’ It  
The First Day of School, La Rentrée as they say over here, was official on Tuesday. At Queenie's school they start the 5 year olds on Monday, the 4 year olds (or almost 4) on Tuesday and then the little ones on Wednesday in order to avoid mass chaos and crying, which I think is brillant. Absolutely brillant.
  Queenie was excited the coming days, but when Tuesday morning came and she wanted to watch TV she almot had a melt down, but I ignored her and went to pick out a dress to wear, which brighten her up right away. Somehow she made it to the closet before I did. Okay, dress on. Now breakfast. Breakfast with Papa is good. Teeth brushed and suddenly she says:
  "Schoool, no, mama."
  She is holding on to her Ariel princess Barbie, smoothing down her hair as she repeats again: "School, no, mama."
  "Do you want to take your princess to school?"
  And off to school we went. Once we got outside I of course had to take some pictures, but Queenie had another idea: not to cooperate with her mama. It got to the point that she start to get nervous. The last thing we wanted was for her to start to cry. Already having complaing about a stomach ache (from nerves I am thinking) we didn't want to risk a melt down. So I hid the camera under my arm. Here they are, my not very good photos of Queenie's first day in Moyen:

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