If you are going to do something, do it RIGHT

2:04 PM

Ay, Baby Girl, my little Firecracker, you are growing so quickly. Watching your sister and the other "big kids" on the playground closely you are learning so fast and doing things that most 17 month old legs, arms and muscles don't usually do. Like swing from the bar above the slide and not just land on your bottom to slide down, oh no, you land and FLY! You have great footsteps to follow and imitate and is it wonderful to watch you make your own mark in this world.
   But before you get ahead of yourself you must learn one important lesson: if you are going to do something, do it RIGHT. Not right in the sense of "vs. wrong", although as a GOOD mom I will make my disclaimer here that of course you should always be doing RIGHT vs. wrong. BUT, if you should find yourself in a position of doing wrong, .....do it right.
    And most especially do it in a way in which I, your mom, don't find myself in a position where it looks like I did the wrong. Or at least set you up for it. That is not doing it right.
   Take stealing for example. Should you decide to steal the frilly, decorative bamboo toothpicks from the 2 Euro store shelves (Kind of like the dollar store, but 2.5 times more expensive. Cool stuff though. C'est La France!) there are a few things to keep in mind:
   Don't open them in the store.
   Don't start throwing them about the store.
   Don't show the cashier what you are doing with that wicked little smile.
   This last one is underlined and in bold so that you remember it for life. Why? Because when you smile at the cashier with your prize of sharp, decorative sticks being thrown over your head like confetti in celebration of having almost gotten away with your very first crime, the only response the cashier is going to have is: "Your are taking that too, no?"
   Regardless of how red my face gets or how profusely I start to sweat or how low my voice becomes as I scold you for taken something, the cashier will continue her look of disbelief and stand hard in her stance of me needing to pay for your prize. (This is Europe people, not the States.) Of course she isn't going to believe that in a store the size of half of my first apartment in Madrid (tiny. T-I-N-Y) that a mom as diligent looking as I am was oblivious to the flying sharp bamboo sticks. (The shiny, "cheap" stuff was distracting me. I swear I didn't notice her. Or the trail behind my stroller of said sharp sticks. Which I decided to ignore once seen as I picked up the ones around my stroller at the cashier's desk. I just wanted to leave.
   See, Firecracker, I know that many people have told me never to compare you and your sister, but she is a prime example of a 18 month old doing the stealing RIGHT. Granted, she was a month older, all that much the wiser, so maybe you should have waited another month. But at least she decided to steal socks, NOT sharp bamboo thingies that I have no use for. And she did it quietly. She just held on to them while I pushed her threw the market until she tired of them and started to push the off the stroller seat. At that point we were at the fruit stand and an old woman told me your sister was losing her socks. I laughed because she didn't have socks on in the scorching Madrid summer morning, but as I looked down I saw what the old woman meant: the set of socks from one of the 5 different shoe/sock stands. There was no way I was going back to each and every one of them to ask whom they belonged to. There was no telling what the gypsy family would do to me (most markets in Madrid are manned by gypsy families....fact, not racism.) plus I was hot and tired already. But at least no one thought she had stolen them. Of course I got out of that market as quickly as possible all the while looking behind me for men running after me with a club.
   In all fairness to you Firecracker, your sister, while getting point three on the nose, she did not do everything right: turns out she stole 8 year old boy socks. With cars on them. We gave them to Principe's co-worker.
    But she got point three on the nose: don't embarass mommy. I sweat too much when I am nervous and it throw the whole day off balance.
   Plus, I have no idea what to use those dang bamboo sticks for....

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