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5:18 AM

I asked my grammy the other day if I could have her recipe for plum jam. Plum jam on homemade rolls is a usual treat at Grammy's. I used to spend weeks at a time there during the summer. It didn't matter how hot or how cold it was outside, plum jam on homemade rolls with a cup of tea in a porcelain cup.....Grammy's house. I love my Grammy and I love that I spent so much time there as a kid. I get to go back this Thanksgiving to see her and Happy (my oldest cousin couldn't ay "pappy" and "Happy" just stuck). Of course, like most grandmother's, my Grammy doesn't have a "recipe", she just does it. And she does it some what like this:

Cut plums in half. Take out seeds. Place into pot. Cover in water and boil.

How long do you boil them? Grammy was sure, just until they get all muhy and there basically isn't anything left of them. Hmmm, like this?

You can either strain them at this point or puree them. I pureed them. The jam will be softer this way. Then add sugar. How much? Um, as much as you think. So I added a cup. Too sweet for my taste, but jut right for the girls!

The jam is done when it slowly drips off the spoon...wha? I added a small packet of agar-agar just in case. Then I poured it into my boiled jar and crossed my figners. Turned out pretty good.
We'll see if the next time it turns out the same....

This is a family favorite recipe inspired by Mama Kat

Mama’s Losin’ It

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