11:10 PM

"Good morning, Queenie, why are you on the floor? Come here and give me a hug!"

"Uh, uh."


"Owies in mine eyes." (She still gets mine, my, mi and mio all mixed up."

"Owies? In your eyes?" (I'm thinking pink eye and already dreading the doctor's visit.) "Let me see your eyes."

Queenie squints with her eyes still closed and then tries to open them. There is not gunk but she seems hesitant to open them at all. Finally she sighs and falls into my lap (he must have seen enough to know where my knees where!)

"Can't. Their broken. See? They no work." she squints them half open and shut several times before sighing again. "No funci-onan."

A few minutes later I was able to look into her bright, whites and saw no pink. She continued to complain all day so I gave her tylenol thinking it was more of a headache. Is i possible that I would need to take my Queenie to get an eye exam? And just how was I going to do that when she starts crying the minute she sees anything that even resembles a doctors coat? (okay, a bit of an exaggerationg, but not too much!).

I talk to my nurse practioner mom. She asks if her nose is running. It is. Give her the allergy medicine, nurse pratitioner mom says. I do.

Next morning:

"Good morning, Queenie! So you eyes work?"

She blinks a few times and smiles.

"Yep, all better!"

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