With the Family

12:27 AM

Taking vacation with the family is good for many things. It helps bring us together, it allows us to inwardly criticize the parenting of our brothers, sister and their spouses and it shows us just how terrible our own parenting skills really are as we watch our children misbehave over and over and over and over again. After all they are on vacation, too, right? Which apparently means that everything they do right at home is thrown out the window while picking up new naughty behaviors from their beloved cousins.

Queenie is the oldest of the cousins. There are two just a few months to one year younger than her, but while they are younger the two below her speak better and are pretty mature. The little girl, who is exactly one year younger, speaks really well and is super tall, which makes everyone forget that she is not yet 3 until she does things like grab all the hot dog slices from her sister's plate and run aroung the park dropping the food as her mother chases her. Or until she starts stomping her feet and crying because someone won't give her something she shouldn't have anyway. She is a very energetic child who wants everything, who can't stop moving ever and who has her parents tired from 8 AM on. She is just a bit naughty which allows the rest of us to feel SOOOOO good about our own parenting skills....until.....

Queenie doesn't like choas. She doesn't like being with people she doesn't know. She doesn't like being left with people she doesn't know. She doesn't like people in general getting into her face or pulling on her or asking to be hugged or stealing kisses from her, etc. All of these things make her first shut down, then pull away with small screams and then, if it all doesn't stop, it makes her explode. Adding constapation to the chaos and a touch of a cold blows the situation out of proportion. Out of proportion.

That is all I am going to say.

And that over the last few weeks I have said, "Queenie, stop screaming" about 2,000 times.

I will also say that mama is never on vacation which is hell. I haven't been so tired since Firecracker was deemed a "colicky baby". I am always on my toes to break Queenie of the habits she picked up in the last two weeks such as demanding things, telling other people "you do it" and thinking she can take everything from her sister just like her cousin does. I am also on my toes to make sure Firecracker gets her antibiotics and stops throwing herself backwards when she is mad. Which apparently is every time she is refused chocolate. (she found chocolate this trip and is in L-O-V-E). I am also on my toes hiding fiber in food and chocolate milk and sometimes placing glycerine where the light never shines.

My vacation starts when school starts. Period.

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