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Not Another Monday

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       Last week was a bit hard. We got home ten days ago, Friday, August 19 and immediately had friends over for the weekend. Needless to say, the luggage stayed unpacked all weekend long. Monday night the guests were no longer here but Principe fell sick with Laryngitis and some sort of other virus.
         For two days he suffered through high fevers, body aches and not being able to talk or swallow. Convincing the girls that papa wasn't home in order to play with them was a bit difficult, as you can imagine.
         Thursday he went back to the doctor's office and found out he had strep. Awesome. Still a bit of a fever, lack of appetite and now lack of patience and very little humor.
        So not like our Principe. It is so rare that he ever gets sick that he just isn't used to feeling so badly. It is so rare that he ever gets sick that each time he has since we have been together he brings up the care that his mother gave him compare to the care that I give him. Um, yes, Spanish boy, I am sure your mommy did everything for you. Sorry I am not as good or kind as her. He shut up after that comment. But I couldn't help adding, Bet she wasn't taking care of your two little girls while nursing you was she? Ouch. Guess the crabbiness is a bit contagious.
On Saturday, as I picked up the house and listened to him whine about still not being 100% and wondering why that was I was exploding in my head. You see, 5 weeks ago when I had strep he got mad at my short humor and egged me on about not being so conversational as we hiked around a small French village that had more hills than San Francisco in it (not really, but I had a fever and every joint in my body HURT). So in my head I started to explode about how I get sick much more often than him but that I get through it, still manage to make dinner as he rarely gets home in time to take care of me (the two times I have called him home he ended up coming 8 hours later the first time and 5 hours later the second.)
       And then I tried to stop exploding in my head. And suggested we go outside for a bike ride. I needed some air. Exploding in my head usually ends up with me being a huge crab for hours without anyone else knowing why. So I am trying to stop. Exercise helps.
       At any rate, it is Monday. One more week before school starts for both girls (part-time daycare for Firecracker a.k.a. baby school) and all of us are looking forward to it, I think. Queenie needs a break from her sister following her around and I need some time to really crack down on my novels. You know, work. Work that doesn't include Clorox or scraping dried ice cream off the dining room table. Work. I can't wait.

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