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Time for Mama Kat's writers workshop! Here is my entry this week:

Before moving to Toulouse we were given a five day stay in Toulouse to find a place to live, set up a bank account, etc. Five days really isn't that much, especially when it is during the Christmas break/holiday time. Our company set us up with Hillary who would take us around to find an apartment and give us advice on neighborhood and other things. Two days before I took Queenie in for her cough, and I also commented on the fact that her eye was pink. The doctor (who was barely paying attention to me the whole time. She seemed annoyed she had to work at all.) asked if she has crusties around it when she woke up. I said no. Well, then just clean it with saline. Okay then. Two days later we woke up at 5am to drive 7 hours to Toulouse. Yippee.

For two days we looked at apartments while Queenie slowly started behaving worse and worse. She refused to get into Hillary's car, she refused to eat, she would throw a tantrum for no reason, etc. Her eye was still pink, even a little red, but as the doctor told me not to worry I simply went into the pharmacy and asked for some stuff to clean it out. That night I had to hold her to sleep after a whopper of a tantrum. The next morning she refused anything but to be held. After seeing another apartment we went back to the hotel. Six months pregnant, I was exhausted. I layed down with Queenie and looked her in the eye...when I noticed it: a spot on her eye. Oh. My. God. Principe, let's go. We are going to the hospital.

After a grueling time in the ER trying to get Queenie to allow two docs to look into her eye they confirmed that the spot on her eye was a blister due to having untreated pink eye for four days. Wow. Nothing really feels worse than the doctor asking you why you allowed your child to suffer for four days with pink eye.

Um, gulp, we are on a trip, um, looking for a house,um, sorry, gulp.

Good thing kids don't remember much from age two.

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