Lazy summer

8:23 AM

      This summer has a whole new meaning to lazy. Not that I'm not super busy with taking two girls to the park, making sure Firecracker doesn't run away from me or manage to get out of the stroller when I am not looking. It isn't that I don't have a huge houe to clean or tons of laundry to do or vacations to plan, although I shouldn't really complain about that! What is going to be lazy is me physically. Why? I messed up my knee. Don't know how, but I did. It has something to do with me doing some kickboxing in order to get in bikini shape. Apparently I wasn't doing it correctly. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a bubble on the kneecap. Then I noticed that each time I worked out it felt weaker instead of stronger. So I finally went to the doctor who snapped my kneecap around until I screamed in pain, handed me a prescription for some drugs for two months, told me to lay off any "violent" sports (meaning all but swimming and recreational biking) and handed me the number of a phyical therapist to start in September. When I am done with 20 hours at the physical therapist I can go back to doing "violent" sports like tennis.
      So for the three weeks that I get vacation, where I have grandparents and cousins to keep my girls busy I don't get to play tennis. BAHHHHHHHHH! Just my luck. So, now what? What does someone do who is addicted to exercise when they are not longer allowed to do ome "violent" exercise? (Seriously, love the French way of speaking. Violent! Who would have decribed tennis as violent? Sounds funny to English minds!) Well, we look for something less violent. Like pilates. But that doesn't work my heart. So we look for something new. Perhaps something we snubbed our nose at sometime back? Like a video on walking...? What? How the heck do you make a video on walking? I was curious and in need of an exercise fix so I took a look. A two mile walking video in 32 minutes. Fits my profile. And is actually really good! Isn't as fun as kickboxing, but the trainer certainly makes it fun and interesting. And it works lots of muscles! I was even sweating by the end of it, although the humidy here is about 70%. So go check it out here. It is a great way to get started or nurse an injury. Or just get moving without getting over heated!

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