Handy me

5:58 AM

"Doo-doo-doo-doo, Handy Manny"

I can sing that intro song in three languages, wanna hear it? Thought not. But, I bet you do want to see my handy work that I promised to show you a while back. Remember my addition to craftgawker.com? It has come in pretty handy to spruce up the house a bit. Especially the girls' room. See?

Aren't they cute little pompoms? I found how to do it here at Sew Sweet Stitches. I made the pompoms and actually "hung" them with wall putty so as not to have more holes in the wall. So far they have stayed up really well and the room is so much brighter.
My next project was just a little something for the craft room:
Just a little something. Of course Queenie had to add a teeny-tiny one. Lately she is really into things being teeny-tiny..

And then I made a cupcake platter for my jewelry. I got the idea from Sarah Ortega. So cute and so easy to make. I plan to make a few more as gifts ...and of course one to use as an actual cupcake holder! Yea me!

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