Dora is a bad influence?

2:04 AM

My MIL brought a DVD of Dora when they came to visit. At first Queenie wasn´t sure about this little girl, but after just one episode every other cartoon was forgotton. On the DVD there are about 10 episodes of Dora and her monkey friend helping some other animal find it's way, getting a chocolate tree planted or some other such repetiviness. In the States Dora is meant to teach kids Spanish. As she might speak 1 or 2 words of Spanish during each episode I highly doubt this objecctive ever comes to pass. In Spain Dora is used to teach English! Duh! They already speak Spanish! :) All they do is invert the languages. Again, as she says maybe 2 words of English the entire time I doubt any kid in Spain attributes their learning English to Dora. Although at the park once a little girl told her mother that I spoke like Dora! So at least we have language recognition happening!
Anyway, my dice with Dora episodes in Spanish is that when she speaks English she has an ACCENT! I am not kidding. It really erks me. First of all, a child who is completely bilingual does not carry over their accent into the other language. It just doesn't happen. Queenie speaks Spanish like her papa and English like me. At least she did. Until Dora came along. Second of all, there is no reason to teach English to kids with an accent! It doesn't help them understand better, it does nothing! Kids are a blank slate! They don't need an accent! That is an adult thing because we become to lazy to listen properly.
Yesterday Queenie was speaking fine until she started talking about Dora and suddenly her English was riddled with a Spanish accent! It is enough to make me burn the stupid DVD! I had to continually correct her on words she knows how to speak until I just decided to give up. I guess this too shall pass, but in the meantime it is annoying! Even more annoying than singing "Mochila, mochila" ("backpack, backpack")

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