1:02 AM

I called my bestest the other day and as we talked she admited that she wa crocheting a sheet into a rug. What? She got the idea from She said it was an amazing place to find inspiration a well as DIY tutorials on awesome things. Of course I had to take a look.

And OMG! I can't stop looking! I am so inspired to do something with my house to make it look cuter. I have so much wall space that it intimidates me, but now I have inspiration and ideas galore! Now when I look around my house I see possibilites! Yea! So, we have guests this weekend, which means my first two ideas that I bought supplies for yesterday will not get done until next week, but I will be posting them here o that you can ooooh and aaaaaah for me. You will, right? Even if you don't like it? Please?

Well, to get your own inspiration look here. Isn't that cool? I am so going to do that. I bet I can find really pretty plates around this country somewhere!

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