Mount Everest

4:18 AM

It is quarter to seven in the morning. Firecracker is talking in her crib. She has been for a few minutes now and slowly getting louder and louder. If I don't get up now she is going to start screaming and wake up Queenie. So I get up. I collapse onto the couch. Why am I so tired? Errr. Milk. The weening process is going so slowly that I am now giving her milk in a bottle in the morning. If I don't get it to her soon she starts looking for it ...other places. So I go, making sure the living room doors are closed so she can't get out. Don't worry, Baby Einstein is babysitting.
But apparently Baby Einstein has forgotten how to babysit. When I get back, still blurry-eyed, I find Firecracker standing on the coffee table. When she sees me she fakes a squeal of "what now?". I say "fake" because she knows exactly what to do now, she squeals so that she doesn't get into trouble. Yep. 14 months and we already know how to manipulate a situation. And at 7AM it works. I get her down with only a gentle "no".
But now my idea of dozing on the couch are ruined. The idea of Firecracker falling off the table has woken me up. And it doesn't stop there. All day long every two minutes I have to go looking for my youngest child. Every boom makes me think she has fallen off something. Every day she learns to climb something new. The abuelos are coming soon, so at least I will have extra eyes for a little while. Of course that also means that the amospheric tension will be higher. In the meantime, there are a few more bookshelves and a television table that she has yet to climb. How long do you think it will take? A day, two days? Yes, they are all attached to the wall, but that only helps with one of the factors.
Do you think they have mountain climbing classes for babies? Like a Get-it-out-of-their-system kind of thing?

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