It is that time of year again

2:05 PM

  This is the view from outside my bedroom window. Oh, yes. It is summer solstice, which translates to Fete de la Music in Toulouse (Music Festival). The concerts start at 7pm and go until 3 AM. Yes, you read that correctly. 3 AM. And this year we are graced with having a stage directly below us. The windows were shaking last year, if you recall, so I wonder what it will be like this year at 2 in the morning. Will the girls sleep through it? I know Principe and I won't. It is so loud in our room right now. I'll make a video for you tonight. Unless we get lucky and get a classical music pianist below us during the last shift of the night.....For now, enjoy a bit of the show.

Principe would like to point out that he dances much better than this guy. Not that it would take much.

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