Hiding behind mama's skirt

1:52 PM

We had friends over this past weekend. They have two kids almost the exact same age as Queenie and Firecracker. The weekend got off to a bit of a rocky start as Queenie didn't have an afternoon nap and while the plane from Madrid was supposed to get in at 6:30, it was an hour late. So, at 8pm Principe called me to come to the window so they could say hello from below. Firecracker giggled and smiled as she waved hello, Queenie soon came and waved hello too, then ran to the door to wait. The three of us sat still for the two minutes it takes to go up the stairs and when they were all finally at our floor caos errupted. Kisses were given, children were lifted and exclamations of  "¡Qué guapos!" (How cute!) "¡Qué grandes!" (Their so big!). And inbetween all of that Queenie ran to the kitchen to hide. When they came to the kitchen she ran to her room. There was no getting her to come out and join the play...so she went to bed. Both she and Firecracker. In all actuality it was their bedtime, but in all honestly I didn't expect her to choose to go to bed over getting to play with friends. We wrote it all as her being tired and enjoyed our night as adults.

Unfortunately the next morning didn't start off much better. Once the guests woke up and came into the livingroom. Then Queenie started to act like...an...errrrrrr. Principe finally sent her to her room where she cried for about twenty minutes. We left her alone. Slowly she came into the kitchen, where she would grip my pants and hide behind me everytime someone came in. Then slowly made it to the dining room table to eat, then slowly found an excuse to play behind the couch where the little boy was watching t.v., then she slowly found an excuse to play with him and then BAM! All was well.

All was well. The weekend was a hit. We all had a blast. But I noticed one thing....Queenie wanted nothing to do with Ana, the other mom. NOTHING. When Ana gave her a tissue to wipe her hands, Queenie hid behind me. When they all left Queenie gave hugs to each of the children and to the dad, but not to Ana. And, yes, I am sure Ana has never done anything to Queenie ever. Sure.

So, what in the world could it all mean? And when the heck is the shyness going to simmer down a litte? I mean, come on! Crying? Really? I was shy as a kid but I never burst into a sobbing mess because someone my parents invited into our home said hello to me. WTF?

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