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If I said that I have always had a fascination with Africa I would be lying. I used to be afraid of the continent as a child thinking that it was still without running water and filled with starving people. I had no idea as a child that the continent had actual cities...! Oh, the ideas of children. As I got older the continent started to call to me, especially the beauty that abounds there. God's pure creation. Seeing photos of nature and animals has given me an appetite for going.
So....this past four day weekend we went. Girls and all. Why not?

 First we did a safari by car.
 Little N had her monkey and that is all she cared about! Who cars about seeing lions?
 Bon appetit!
 These were the only bears we saw....a little dissapointing!
 These creatures are HUGE! So cool to see them up close...with windows closed, of course!
 Lazy, lazy rhinos...and it wasn't even hot out!
 What happened to their heads? asked Queenie!
 These guys let us hang with them for a long time!

 Queenie was concerned that her princess dress would get dirty from the goats. But she eventually relaxed!
 In case we didn't know, the elephants are GRANDE, GRANDE!
Okay, okay, we didn't actually GO TO Africa, but it sure seemed like it! We went to the Reserve Africain in Sigean and it was certainly the hit of the vacation....although in close competition with the beach. Hmmmm, I'm pretty sure Little N would say the beach was the best....but I'll show you why tomorrow! For me this was the coolest! It was like Queenie's last birthday but bigger and with elephants! Who doesn't like elephants...???

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