Visit from the parents

12:53 PM

          Hey, all. Sorry that I keep going AWOL on you without too much notice. My mother was here for 11 days, so I basically put the computer away and decided to speak to the human in front of me….as well as catch up on some much needed cleaning while my mother watched the munchkins. Now that the house is back to it’s usual disarray (no house stays clean with King Kong, a.k.a. Little N, for very long.) I am back on the internet.
The day that my mom leaves I always feel a bit depressed. If I didn’t have children to be responsible for I think I would literally stay in bed until noon. Of course, if I didn’t have children I guess I would have an outside job….
          At any rate, we had a good time. The days always go by so quickly. We never do much of anything too special, this time we didn’t even visit another city as during one weekend Principe actually had to work and during the other weekend it rained, but we end up having fun anyway. The greatest thing about my mother is that she feels at home and is so easy to deal with even though she is gluten-free and has some other health issues. But she has no problem starting dinner without asking me or eating when she has to eat without making a big deal about it. She doesn’t mind walking with me to the grocery store, never gets involved while I am discipling my kids and almost never gives her opinion about my marriage or children. The only thing that she repeats often is her desire for us to come back to the States, which doesn’t bother me and I hope doesn’t bother Principe……
         But now I have to wait until December to have another person in the house willing to vacuum up the cereal Little N dumps on the floor or color with Queenie so that she will stop asking everyone in the world to color with her. In other words, I have to wait until December to get another break. Oh, well, something to look forward to!

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