Toys Schmoys

12:52 PM

           For the past two days Little N has been walking around with a silicone basting brush. She paints the air and the furniture. She plays with it in the bath tub (and for the first time in her life got mad when I took her out of the tub, she was having that much fun “painting”). She even brought it to the park to wave at the pigeons and  to have something handy in case those molars of hers started itching again. Her favorite toy on Tuesday was an empty plastic liter bottle and it’s cap. I am not kidding. She played with that thing for an entire afternoon. I was a happy camper as it kept for from whining, but it makes me wonder about all of those toys we have just sitting there.
            A friend of mine wrote me the other day that she had gone into Baby Behemoth (Babies R Us!…:) Seriously, everyone should have a friend like her, her outlook on life is too funny!). She commented about all of these new parents buying unnecessary crap that the child and parent will probably never use, to which I have to say, “Here, here!” We have two huge bottles of baby perfume that we haven’t yet gone through that we were given with Queenie…..
              My friend went on to say that for the next baby shower she goes to she is going to buy some fancy measuring cups and a salad spinner because not only are they great toys, they are also useful to the mom…! As I watch Little N “paint” my leg am thinking that my friend is on the right track. I am also thinking that a salad spinner is a great idea as I usually spin my own lettuce by wrapping it in a towel and shaking it into the shower. Gets all the water out and cools me down from the heat…why would I want a salad spinner???
              Part of the issue with Little N right now is that her and Queenie’s bedroom door stays shut when I am not in there because Little N has learned to climb. Yes, at 13 months she is like a boy and already climbing practically everything. She can get up onto Queenie’s bed, up onto the concrete wall around the park, halfway up the slide, up the stairs to the slide, up the couch (almost) and is learning more things every day. She has learned how to get down, too, although she still tries to just step down from some things, but the biggest problem is that once she is up onto the couch or bed she wants to stand. I have spent quite a while trying to teach her not to stand, but she has yet to completely understand, so the door stays closed. Last thing I need is a child with a concussion. to  make me feel like a really good mom! And while I try to periodically switch out the toys in the playroom and living room, she no longer has free access to the toy box. ..Although really, I don’t think that would keep her from finding the basting brush this exciting. Right now she has passed up playing with her blocks for rearranging the diaper drawer. See? No toys are needed. Why do we buy all of these toys and things for our kids when they really only want a shoe and some plastic cups? We truely don’t buy that many things for our girls, but due to overly excited grandparents and friends without babies, they have managed to collect quite a large pile of toys…and they don’t even play with half of them!
       I just wish I had a Goodwill charity here to donate them all away! What about you? Do you think your kids have more toys than they need? Do they play with them?

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