To all the single moms out there

12:52 PM

        It is 8:25pm and Principe just called to say that he is going to be a little bit longer than he thought. Half an hour ago he said he was coming home. Surely, you think, this must be a strange occurrence as live in France where all shops close at 7pm and people eat dinner around then also, unlike in Spain where dinner time is 9pm.
        But, alas, it is not. Last week Principe came home one day at a normal time. The week before that there wasn’t ONE day that he came home to see the girls before they were sleeping. Add on top of all that the fact that he is traveling to Madrid once every 10 days which means a night out of the house. Except for the weekends we rarely see him. It sucks but I try not to say anything. I don’t want to be that nagging wife. Maybe I would be if I knew it didn’t hurt him so much to be gone all the time. It would be a different thing if he actually PREFERRED to be working, but I know that, while he likes his job, he would much rather come home at a normal hour. Of course, it is a little bit his fault, which he admits, many times as he can get caught up in doing something and completely lose track of the time. I can’t count the number of times he tells me he should have been home earlier but he didn’t realize it was so late. Erg. But again, I try not to complain.
        Unfortunately, there are some weeks that get rather Loooooooong. Like last week. It wasn’t really that the girls were being bad. Or that they were a lot of work, it is just that it sucks never to get a break. But as I satin the rocking chair, my tears masked by the dark I remembered all of my friends who are single moms. Koodos to you guys, because it sucks not to have anyone to help with the children. I raise my incredible yummy glass of French wine to you. Especially you in California, you know who you are. I would send you a box if I could, but instead I think you and the cowboy should come here. We will figure out a way, I promise!

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