Growing like a weed!

6:57 AM

Little N is growing like a weed, as all kids do. She amazes me with how fast she is learning things and how brave she trying to be like the big kids. She has no fear about anything and the amount of curiosity she has could kill 100 cats! Just last week, as I lay on the couch during the wee morning hours and Little N started to whine about not being allowed to wander the house, I asked her where her monkey was (her sleeping pal) and she pointed to it! Then I told her to get it and SHE DID! I was impressed. Queenie didn’t do that at the same age. Of course, at this same age Queenie had an ear infection about every 4 weeks, which doesn’t help on the old hearing, I’m sure.
Officially, Little N’s first word is: GOAL! No other way to make a soccer-fanatic father proud then to have your first word be goal! She absolutely loves to play with a ball and kick it around. As she kicks it she throws her hand in the air and shouts “GOAL”. There are no other words yet that are being pronounced but she does sing the end part of Ring Around the Rosies as “wa a dow!” with great emphasis being placed on each syllable.
But the most amazing thing about her is her character. She is FIERY. At only 12 months she tries to get the bigger boys at the park to let her play ball with them! she goes up to people sitting on the benches and smiles and babbles away. She tries to climb up the slide and has no fear about pushing herself down it. And she wants what she wants NOW! The temper tantrums have already started and they are hilarious! I know I won’t think that same way soon so my strategy right now is to not give her an audience. I walk away. But I am pretty sure that one way or another she will get what she wants in life ALL THE TIME! For example, the other night she was stirring. The first attempt was to give her the pacifier and leave. Half and hour later the second attempt was to hold her and calm her without giving her milk. But she cried out while in my arms. So I told her, “No, it is sleeping time. No mama’s milk.”
What did she do? She started throwing herself back and forth. I sat in the rocking chair and hummed to her. She grabbed the pacifier, throw it almost across the room and turned to my boob and waited. All while keeping her eyes closed. The little turkey! But I was so impressed that I left weening for another day!

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