Discipliner and disciplinee

2:29 PM

Tonight as I was making dinner and Principe was actively NOT paying attention, Little N she was Hemanishly uprooting one of my tree plants. I walked into the dining room, saw the floor full of dirt and yelled out to my ever watchful husband and left him to clean up the mess. And hour later as I was pulling my hair out due to the pace of Queenie's eating, I caught Little N digging her fingers into the tree plant again. I yelled out, "NO!" My frustration with Queenie's absolute lack of interest in eating anything but chocolate spilling over into my disciplining of her sister, but the yelling had no effect. Little N stared me right in the eyes and dug her fingers deep with a grin playing on her lips. She I got up, grabbed her hand and tapped it. I would say "slap" to describe the motion better, but as it makes no sound and doesn't hurt her at all, I think "slap" would be giving the wrong image. And you know I am all about keeping my graceful image. Anyway....Little N shrugged the hand tapping off and walked away. A little while later I caught her with the heavy jar of olive oil (GLASS jar, I might add) of which I swiftly took away. Little N plopped down on the floor, ready to cry, but thought better of it. I saw her march over to me and grab around me as I placed the jar back. I thought she was coming back for it, but no. She soon found what she was looking for: my hand. Once my hand was in her tiny hand she "slapped" it and, now satisfied, march away.
I stood for a second dumbfounded as the last few seconds processed through my mind before I fell into a fit of giggles.

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