Bonne Fete Maman!

7:41 AM

The front of the card with a shot of the little ornament that she made.

The inside of the card. Queenie says it is a painting of Goofy.
Yesterday was Mother's Day here in France. Principe and I decided that we will celebrate Mother and Father's Day on the date that they are celebrated in the country that we are in at the moment due to the fact that everyone has different dates and we have no idea what the dates are in the other spouse's country. Well, I have an idea, Principe hasn't a clue. So, we sneakily thought that as Queenie is a school now we will get a head's up from what she brings home with her the Friday before the big day. Unfortunately, Queenie didn't go to school on Friday. It's a long story but includes Queenie throwing a fit because she didn't want to go and me not figuring out in my head the logistics of carrying both a one year old and a kicking, screaming three year old down 49 marble stairs. So she stayed home. So there was no clue.
Principe remembered at 9:15 pm after seeing a commercial on television. He had no present to give, although he did bring flowers home for me on Friday having got the idea from his errand to buy flowers for our pregnant friend whose house we went to on Friday. The idea to buy her flowers was mine, but we will give Principe the credit for buying me a bouquet "for no reason".
As Queenie was MIA on Friday she brought home her present for me today. I was so excited! My first Mother's Day present! (Principe is many sweet things, but not very good at the "gifts from the girls"). I opened it with excitement. A painted card and a little ornament! Purple and Oh, who cares! A little sweet detail for my desk that ten years from now I can point out to Queenie with nostalgia. The pride was glowing on my face.
Five minutes later, as we were arriving to the front of our building Queenie asked where the ball was. I told her. She demanded to have it. I said it was mine made by Queenie. She said no it was Queenie's made by Queenie. I didn't even have time to think that at least I had the card when she demanded to know where it was. I told her and showed her the letters that clearly said "Maman" to which she replied that I had no idea what I was talking about as it clearly said Q-U-E-E-N-I-E.
Alas, another Mother's Day with nothing to show for it!

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