Vacation is all about...

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    Oh, vacation, no matter how long or short, we always look forward to you. Why? Because you are all about resting, correct? Perhaps about seeing a new place or visiting the family, but you are mostly about resting, right? About taking advantage of the abuelos (grandparents) to drop your kids off with at any point of the day, especially when the sun has not yet appeared, and then rest. Am I right, or not?
    So, why then did you decide to allow my children to sudden be shy of anyone who isn’t their mother? Vacation is NOT for that. It is not for a sudden case of mamitis (need of one’s mother) so bad that Little N refuses to eat with anyone other than me. It is also NOT for discovering that Little N has a bad case of car sickness that seems to be brought on by anything. Even water. And which results in her puking out more than she can put in all day long. I have no idea where all that vomit comes from but I do know that it goes all over her and it now seeped into her car seat and the car floor rug. Our car now has a distinct odor that no pregnant woman would be able to stand. That is especially wonderful when vacation calls for an 8 hour drive to and from where you are going.
    Ah, Vacation. A time to over eat the good things, right? To eat what you miss because you don’t have it in the country where you now live. It is NOT a time for Queenie to catch some rare stomach bug that makes her vomit and poo and be in an all-together TERRIBLE mood for three days. Vacation is a time for Queenie to enjoy playing with her cousins who she loves so much and rarely gets to see. It is not for bad stomach pains which make her want to curl up in the corner of the restaurant and sleep on a make shift bed of chairs. But you allowed that to happen, vacation. Why? Why did you do that to us? Didn’t you know that on Thursday we were going to go out with friends? So why did you have Queenie vomiting at 3 am and Little N waking up as though it were morning at 4? Why didn’t you let us rest, vacation? Didn’t you know that after driving for 8 hours with two children we constantly thought were about to vomit that Principe had to wake up at 4:30 to catch a plane back to Madrid? Didn’t you know that? He told you several times so you don’t really have an excuse. I mean, really, you couldn’t have been nicer to us. We are teaching Queenie about being nice and here you go being the meanest one of them all!
    Of course, I have to give you some credit. With all the running around and going to the park, as Little felt fine as long as she wasn’t in the car, you did teach Little N to sleep through the night (except for Thursday night, don’t forget because I have not yet forgotten) and that is big. So I give you credit for that. But, could you talk to Routine and ask if she can continue with the sleeping through the night? Because that would be great and just might allow for some forgiveness on this last vacation time. Thanks.

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