Allergies and genetics, they both suck

6:47 AM

         Queenie has had a rough two weeks. She started vomiting in Spain on a Thursday, could get up the energy to play on Friday or Saturday, started throwing up again on Sunday and had to drive all the way back home that same day. On Monday she was fine and went to school but Tuesday she started with a fever again until Wednesday. Thursday again she went to school and Friday she was okay but that weekend allergies hit Toulouse with a vengeance. Yuck. On the next Wednesday she started to act strange again but I attributed it to being sleeping due to the antihistamine, but Thursday she came home from school with a fever. So we went to the doctor’s again on Friday, but she found nothing. The weekend went by with cough syrup and double dose of antihistamine, but the cough became worse and her lungs started to make sounds. So it wa back to the doctor again on Tuesday and home again with antibiotics, steroid breathing treatments twice a day for a week in addition to the double dose of antihistamine and cough syrup. And tomorrow we are getting x-rays of her lung done, but she doesn’t know that yet. No reason to get her upset. Not with all that medicine coursing through her body. We have already seen quite a few mood swings from her, which is normal, but no less upsetting or frustrating.
         Next week we have to take her to get her blood drawn to do some allergy tests. And the x-rays will tell us if we need to start going to an asthma specialist or if this is just due to all the viruses combined with allergies that made her body have an asthmatic response. This isn’t the first time she has had an asthmatic response but this is the first time it is so bad that they sent her home with a breathing treatment to be done twice a day for a week.
        Unfortunately I was the same as a kid. I suffered from asthma all during my childhood and ended up in the hospital a few times. I wasn’t as bad as some, but was definitely worse than others. I am hoping and praying that Queenie has not inherited my asthma because the whole thing sucks. As an adult I have grown out of a lot of it, but even now I am using my inhalers during the allergy season and I have to be careful during flu season. Even with my medication I still have to be careful during allergy season not to get a lung infection. Everything about it sucks.

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