A mama's workout

12:54 PM


8 minutes in: "Mama, I awake." "Okay, (huff) baby. (Huff) go play." "I play here." "(Huff) sure, whatever."

10 minutes in: "Mama! Caca!" "Good job, (huff), baby."

11 minutes in: "Mama! Clean a butt!" "Just a second, hon." "No! Right now, PLEASE!"  (At least we have SOME manners!) Video paused. "Now, let mama finish this and go play." "Okay."

15 minutes in: "Mama! Owies on a head!" "No, I didn't (huff, huff) give you owies. (huff, huff) I almost kicked you in the head. Now, go, (huff, huff) play over there." "No, aqui (here)."

20 minutes in: "Mama! (Queenie) paint! Blue, Red, Lello (yellow), y (and) white!" "Okay."

30 minutes in: (after having to look at 3 paintings in the meantime) "Mama! phone! Papa calling!" (no, she doesn't know his number by heart, he is simply the only person who calls me so she simply assumes that it is him.)

40 minutes in: Done. There is barely any sweat on my body after a KICKBOXING video. Great. Scrap the whole thing. Doesn't count.

TODAY: YOGA (the plus is Principe is home to watch the girls. RIGHT?
After telling Principe he is in charge, what to feed Little N and Queenie for dinner and that Little N will be awake soon I walk into my "gym" and start the video.

20 minutes in: Little N starts to scream. I ignore as her papa should be getting her any second now.

21 minutes in: Little N continues to scream.

22 minutes in: I pause the video and get Little N. With her door now open I see Principe stick his head out of the living room. As he TAKES HIS HEADPHONES OFF he asks "Are you done with the computer? The game is on." "Sure, babe." "Oh, you only have 8 minutes left? Well, you can finish." But Little N demands milk and Principe gets antsy about the game. "Go ahead hon," I say as I sink into the rocking chair. "Just, go ahead."

At this rate I will be ready for bikini weather by 2015. And only if I go on a strict diet. And everyone who knows me knows I am incapable of THAT. *sigh*

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